Saturday, 17 January 2015

How To Style A Classic White Shirt - SS14

My first experience of directing my own photo-shoot came from the concept of styling outfits around one particular garment expressing its versatility. In this case it was a classic white shirt with a modern, minimalist feel. I worked with a photographer and model I knew personally. The positives from this project were; that I could control every aspect of the final product, from the make up, hair, clothes and location. All were researched and executed by myself. 

In total I created three looks and applied make up that was versatile enough to fit all the looks. For my first look I wanted to have an eye-catching pattern juxtaposed with the shirt to emphasise the blunt shape of the shirt. The accessories for this outfit were kept to muted colours and minimal so that the garments were the focal point of the outfit. The weather and leafy green area helped bring the summery feel I was trying to create come to life in the finished images.

In contrast to the first look, the second is based around the accessories. Due to the outfit being "sports luxe" inspired, I wanted the white shirt to be less formal. I did this by adding a ribbed crop top underneath. The bag played a huge part in this look. It being oversized and transparent helped the look stay distinctive although it comes across as minimalist.

This image is my favourite from the shoot. I strongly appreciate the way the brown fencing behind the model compliments the tones of the outfit. 
Gold and blush pink tones in the garments helped to create a more luxurious expression next to the shirt. I added satin, wide-leg trousers to help the outfit flow more and  look less rigid.
Although I love the shape given to the garments complimented by the model's long limbs, I do think that if I was to re-create this look I would use accessories as they distract attention from the outfit itself.  

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